Before you start looking at houses, it is highly recommended that you get Pre-Approved 1st. While looking at houses can be a lot of fun, you should find out how much home you can afford before you fall in love with something that may not be in your price range. You can benefit by preapproval from a loan officer in more ways than one. You can discuss the different loan options, budgeting and some credit guidance if there are any short falls or items hurting your credit. Credit plays a major factor in purchasing a home today as the interest rate you qualify for can make an impact on your monthly payment.

          What is a preapproval? A pre-approval is different from a pre-qualification. A pre-approval is where the lender verifies the borrowers documentation to confirm exactly how much home you can afford. Where as a pre-qualification is simply an estimate based off the information you gave to your lender. The documents that get approved are the exact documents you need to get a mortgage so you can rest assured that you are not shopping out of your means. A Pre-Approval is NOT a loan commitment. What is does is help speed up the whole process when you find that house that you simply must have! 

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